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Account Feature Details

Account Features
Allocated Web Space
Webspace or diskspace is the main repository of static storage for your website. Each megabyte of space is equivalent to approx. 75 pages.
Immediate Account Activation
Your account is activated immediately enabling access to the Member Services section.
FrontPage 98/2000 Support
FrontPage extensions can be easily activated if your site is developed in FrontPage 98/2000 or 2002.
Unlimited FTP Updates
There are no restrictions on how many times you update your site. Updates occur immediately on the server.
Technical Support
Timely technical support is provided via email. Including issue details or error messages when requesting support will help us to assist you better.
Full Stats/Hits Reports
Provision of detailed analysis of traffic to your site, including pages requested, browser type and where they came from.
Access to FAQ's & Tutorials
A comprehensive support section is available to help you get your website up and running plus FAQ's detailing mail setup, domain delegation and merchant facilities.
24hour Network Monitoring
Our Network is monitored around the clock. In the event of a glitch, technicians will be alerted and undertaking action to rectify the matter as quickly as possible.
Emergency Generator Backup
In the event of a blackout; servers will remain unaffected via diesel power generators.
Client Based Control Panel
Your account is controlled using the web based control panel - Member Services section.
Generous bandwidth allocations on all accounts. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic you receive from your website.

Mail Features
E-Mail Forwarding /Aliases
Unlimited email forwarding is available. Email forwarding can be used to direct all of your sales, information and support email into appropriate mailboxes.
Autoresponders can be utilised to auto-reply to mail received in your inbox. This feature is handy if you are on vacation or out in the field.
Send email through Sea-Ex's mail server via the SMTP protocol. You can send mail through either an email client such as Outlook or Netscape, or via our Webmail facility.
Multiple POP3 Accounts
Each plan includes an allocation of mailboxes. These are configured within the Member Services control panel.
Web Based Mail Facility
The facility allows you to access your email when you are away from your computer. You can send mail, save emails to online folders and view attachments from within your web browser.
Domain Features
Your Own Domain
An existing domain that you have registered ( which can be mapped to your account. You remain the Registrant of the domain unless it is not renewed with your Registrar.
Foreign Domain Support
We can host any kind of domain from around the world.
Additional Domain Support
Each plan includes an allocation of domains included in the monthly hosting fee. Additonal domains over the allocation can be mapped to the same account for a fee. (eg.,,
Sub Domains
We offer an allocation of subdomains on all accounts. Sub domains can be used to create 'mini-sites' within your account such as and

Scripting Features
Personal CGI Bin
A Personal CGI bin is provided to run all of your web based scripts.
PreInstalled CGI Scripts
Some pre-installed CGI scripts have been included to get you moving.
128bit Secure Server
Sea-Ex offers a 128bit secure server to all of its customers on the Premium plan level and up. Transmission of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, personal information and business details should occur through a secure server.
Java, Flash & Real Audio
Our servers support the required mime types to dispatch media files if required.
Perl & PHP4 Support
Perl and PHP are extremely flexible interpreted languages that can be used to add dynamic interactivity and database integration to your website.
MySQL Access
MySQL is a powerful UNIX based database, usually used in conjunction with PHP or PERL scripts. Your MySQL database can be easily managed using the web based admin facility within the Member Services section.

Ecommerce Integration
Integrated Ecommerce
This inhouse system was designed to provide a complete solution for customers with varied skill levels to develop an online store which can be run efficiently. A demo of the system can be trialled on the Basic account with full services available on the Premium plan level and up.
Product entries are used to record item details such as price, size, weight and other variables.
Multiple Stores
Some plans have multi store support. Multiple stores allows you to create seperate stores under one account.

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